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We have been dreaming of moving abroad for almost 10 years. Find a place that appeals to us and of course our guests.

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We ended up in Le Marche by accident.
Our search started via the internet and we found a campsite that was offered for sale. Made an appointment and shortly afterwards we were on the plane towards our dream. When you arrive you don't have the feeling. On the other hand, the region really appealed to us. The feeling of tranquility, authentic Italy, the Adriatic coast, no mass tourism and the beautiful landscapes and nature. All criteria that give our guests a real holiday feeling. After about 25 home visits and several times in Italy, we found our Casa MiYo in January 2016.
We knew right away, we want to live here!

And who are the “we” then?

After the cookery school, Michou spent 10 years in various catering establishments in the kitchen. A great profession, but he also wanted something different. Ended up in installation technology and just missed his 12.5th anniversary.
Since her education in healthcare, Elsira has had a lot of fun working with people with mental and psychiatric problems. Both for the living group and for daytime activities.
Yonah is our son who has just started his teens. Absolutely love football. And always busy in and around our house. Romp among the olive and fruit trees or he takes a splash in our pool to cool off.
And of course not to forget our Ves,
our adoptive dog from Spain. For him it is not only afternoon siesta but all day long! Sky was found along the way as a little puppy and of course we couldn't leave her. Meanwhile, this tomboy is an indispensable member of our family.

We hope to meet you soon in Le Marche at Casa MiYo!

Ciao, Michou, Elsira and Yonah

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