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Arrival Departure:

Arrival is possible from 2 pm. On the day of departure you can check out until 10:00.


Parking your vehicle should only be done at the designated places.


Waste is separated in Italy. This is also strictly monitored. When you are at the campsite, you must deposit all your waste yourself in the appropriate waste bins at the beginning of the street.

Swimming pool:

Use of the set-up pool is at your own responsibility. Children should be supervised by an adult when they are in the pool.

Wifi is only available around the house. The connection is not suitable for streaming television, movies and / or series.


Our rental tents have their own refrigerator. All our other camping guests can use the general refrigerators. We ask you to handle this properly so that the guests who come after you can also enjoy it.

Electrical devices:

You have electricity at your disposal in the room where the refrigerators are located. Here you can charge your phones, iPad, etc. If you use a coffee maker, kettle, etc., these should be suitable for camping electricity.


Between 21:00 and 09:00 we expect that people who would like to go to sleep and / or sleep late are taken into account.

Sanitary building :

Please supervise younger children when using the toilet facilities. The sanitary building is not a playground for children.


You may not reserve / hold sunbeds by putting your towel on them.

Barbecue :

The use of a gas BBQ is allowed. (Only around the house.) You can use other bbq if you have placed a bucket of water in the immediate vicinity. It may be that the use of BBQ is completely prohibited by order of the fire brigade. You have the option to rent a BBQ @ Casa MiYo.

Fire pit:

These are not allowed.


Dogs are allowed on a lead. We charge a fee for this per day. Your dog will be walked outside the campsite and you will also have to clean your dog's feces. Your dog should not be left alone for long periods of time (especially in a tent) and your dog should not be a nuisance to other guests.


Visitors must be registered in advance and in consultation.

Lodge guests:

Guests must be registered in advance and in consultation. We apply the camping rate for guests.

Liability :

The owner is not liable for an accident, theft or damage on his property. The owner is not liable for the consequences of extreme weather influences or other forms of force majeure.


It is not allowed to dig on the site, to cut down trees, to prune shrubs, to install antennas, to install fences or barriers, or to build structures or other facilities of any kind near, on, under or around the camping equipment. places without the permission of the owner.


Reservations only become final when the payment conditions have been met. This means that 50% of the rent must be paid within 2 weeks after application. In our invoice where it is stated that you have to pay a deposit, there is a reference to the general terms and conditions. We assume that you have read and agreed to this before paying your deposit.

For reservations from May 18, 2020 to December 31, 2020:

50% deposit payable no later than 2 weeks before arrival.

When it is not possible to travel through Covid-19 after your deposit and before your arrival, your deposit will be converted into a voucher. You can use this voucher at a later time to visit @ Casa MiYo. We will then contact you.


Casa MiYo does not refund already paid amounts. You must take out cancellation insurance for unforeseen events. The conditions that apply there will then apply to your personal situation.



We require a deposit for our rental accommodations. Unfortunately, we feel obliged to do this after unpleasant experiences. Deposit must be presented in cash upon arrival. After checking your accommodation, you will receive your deposit back in cash on the day of your departure.


When irreparable damage to property is caused, we are forced to charge for this. When you have paid a deposit, it will be deducted from this.

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