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In the many villages you will find a weekly market. Because the market often also has a function for the region, the range is very wide. Of course you will find fruit, clothing and shoe stalls. But also many special stalls with local products from, for example, the cheese farmer (sheep and goat cheese). And also a lot of 'hardware', the stalls for the maintenance and cultivation of the vegetable garden and pickling the harvest.

You will also find the 'Porchetta' stall on almost every market, usually a trolley with counter where the butcher cuts nice thick slices of Porchetta. This is a delicious roulade, made from a whole pig, filled with fresh herbs. The whole is roasted and served cold in large slices. So if you don't feel like cooking ... porchetta, a fresh salad, fresh bread and a nice glass of wine. This way you have a delicious summer meal in no time.

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