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Keep in mind that almost all shops are closed in the afternoon, from 12.30 - 4 pm almost everything is closed. If you want to visit a town, you better leave on time. Museums and other places of interest usually close in the afternoon. If you plan to visit specifically, please inquire in advance about the opening hours.

Everything starts again from 4 p.m.

Le Marche also offers a large number of options for 'shoppers'. In the cities you will find the famous shops in the main streets, but with a different collection! Take a look at the streets just behind it and you will find a large number of specialty shops in the field of delicacies, clothing and home furnishings. In the specialty stores, be it clothing, sunglasses or shoes, you can always ask for a 'special' price. In many cases a lot goes off.

Le Marche is also known for the large number of outlets. Because the area around Fermo has traditionally been the center of leather processing, you will also find many outlets with well-known brands there. The outlets are spread across the region. At Ancona, some are concentrated.

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